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Bicycle Roof Racks/Carriers for Bikes with Fenders

I like to put my bike on a rack on the roof of my car because I don’t have a garage to accidentally drive into while my bike is still loaded and I like to be able to access the tailgate of my station wagon while I have a bike on the car. I prefer wheel-off fork mounts rather than the upright wheel-on mounts with arms that hold your bike down. I have long front fenders on my bikes and this can cause problems as when you remove the front wheel and drop the bike down, the fender will hit the tray.

I thought I had solved the problem by cutting a hole in my tray to allow the fender to drop through, and while somewhat awkward, this did work until I built my last bike with a front fender that comes inches from the ground.

While the fender still made it without hitting the roof of my car, I had lowered the fender struts so much, that they now hit the side of the tray. Fed up and not wishing to drill new holes in my nice fenders I decided to look for a two piece fork mount rack.

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Velocity Dyad says oooowww!

I guess I learned that there is no such thing as a “bombproof” wheel today. Whereas everywhere else in the Northeast seemed to get either a ton of snow the week before last, or a ton of snow and a ton of rain, Providence got basically four days of torrential rain, which combined with the normal freeze/thaw cycles of late winter washed out every crack of sand supporting fractured pavement in the entire city.

Worse than just the resulting giant potholes are the pavement seams that can be just as deep but almost invisible until you’re right on them. In this case, I was going downhill at about 25 mph and changing lanes, so I was looking back over my shoulder leaning back with all my weight on the rear wheel. I turned around just in time to see my front wheel drop into a three inch wide and four inch deep seam between the lanes. My unloaded front wheel skipped lightly but violently (if that makes any sense) off the front edge of the hole. With my entire weight, the rear hit the front edge of the seam like a sack of potatoes, the 35mm Paselas more getting out of the way than anything else. Worse still, the rim didn’t hit squarely but rather it only hit on the left side, perhaps as I was crossing towards that side.

Amazingly, I did not crash or even flat, and the rim stayed perfectly true within the pads, if you excuse the fold in the braking surface. It was about 1/2″ closer to the hub, however. The force was great enough to partially pull spokes two spokes away through the wall of the rim as the rim tried to expand over there to make up for its collapsing at the point of impact.

Perhaps on a lighter rim I would have crashed.

Bicycles in old age of Japan (website)

I have no idea where I got a bookmark for this website, as I don’t remember coming across it. Combined with the fact that the Japanese fonts aren’t coming through and even if they did I don’t read Japanese, I can convincingly say I know nothing about this site, but it sure has some cool stuff:

Bicycles in old age of Japan (website)

Like this “Eddy Merckx” mixte Randonneur as well as plenty of other French style bikes

and lots of bizzaro bikes and parts: