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LED Replacement Bulbs: SCORE!!!

A friend’s mom lives in Germany and was good enough to purchase these for me. The taillight with standlight works great and is much brighter than the standard bulb that came with my old Radios taillight. The replacement front lights (no standlight) are the wrong base type, however, for my Lumotec:

The headlight replacement bulb has the same size base as the Lumotec bulb, but it is the type with two bumps on the base. The Lumotec bulb has a slightly wider shoulder, with a small notch in it. I ground off the bumps on the LED replacement and now it fits and works great. It seems to be much brighter than the halogen bulb, though it may lose a little of the focus. It is not nearly as bright or well focused as my Edelux however.

It is the taillight that I am stoked about, though. My initial impression is that this is brighter than an old school taillight, but not as bright as some of the newer Busch and Muller taillights out there. The standlight lasts as long as on my factory LED taillights. I will try and post some comparison shots.


Convert old taillights to LED; with standlight and no work…

While I’ve seen LED replacement bulbs that might work in old french taillights like this one…

I’ve never seen a replacement bulb with a standlight. I am somewhat paranoid about being rear ended while waiting to take a left turn, so I appreciate a rear standlight.

I know that others have taken the guts of a B&M LED taillight and inserted them into their custom made or antique chassis, but that can really turn into a project; plus you end up gutting a beautiful old light or spending a lot on a custom chassis.

Then I saw this:

It looks like this will pop right in old taillights, could be pretty bright, and provide a standlight. Looks too good to be true.

Unfortunately I can’t find these anywhere in the U.S. and while there is a German eBay store that sells them, they not only won’t ship to the U.S., but you can’t use a U.S. eBay account to, say, ship them to a friend in Europe. Currently, I don’t know anyone in Europe that I could ask to purchase these so I am a bit out off luck.

I would love to hear if anyone has these or has any other info regarding using them with classic taillights.