Bicycles in old age of Japan (website)

I have no idea where I got a bookmark for this website, as I don’t remember coming across it. Combined with the fact that the Japanese fonts aren’t coming through and even if they did I don’t read Japanese, I can convincingly say I know nothing about this site, but it sure has some cool stuff:

Bicycles in old age of Japan (website)

Like this “Eddy Merckx” mixte Randonneur as well as plenty of other French style bikes

and lots of bizzaro bikes and parts:


1 Response to “Bicycles in old age of Japan (website)”

  1. 1 systemBuilder January 8, 2011 at 2:46 am

    For my first 10-speed purchase, I pored through catalogs in my hometown in Illinois, including the Sears catalog & Wards (another Sears competitor in mail-order) catalog and finally, a Raleigh catalog, which convinced me to get a Raleigh.

    Until then, however, I thought one of the coolest bikes was in the Wards catalog, as those stem shifters were offered on 1971 or 1972 bikes in the Wards catalog, the high-end models with centerpull brakes which were the cat’s meow. I remember the stem shifters specifically, with the chromed tops.

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